I thought you might be interested in a little exercise we had a while back. The idea is to write a story in around a hundred words. Something like this:


I wanted the dog.

She wanted the cat.

We couldn’t agree on the budgie.

“He’s mine,” she said. “He was a present from Aunt Gladys.”

“Pah!” I huffed. “He was a wedding present. To both of us,” I emphasised with venom.

“Well,” she said, “I’m taking him as a divorce present!”

We glowered at each other, the pain of a failed marriage etched on our faces.

“And another thing,” she hissed. “I want the goldfish.”

“You can keep it,” I conceded graciously, “because I want something else.”

“Fine!” she said. “Then just take it and go!”

So I tipped out the goldfish and took the bowl.

Just a bit of nonsense really, but why don’t you have a go? Send it in and I might just put it up on my blog.

Happy writing!

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