About Phil

I returned to writing when I retired and moved to be near the sea in Bognor Regis back in 2016.

I had dabbled over the years without any real conviction, and certainly with little success! A couple of articles and short stories published in minor magazines was all I could muster for my efforts and, to be fair, I had not pursued a writing career with any fervour.

On retirement, I first took up painting, which I love, but have very little talent for. Then, one day, I suddenly found this idea for a novel running round my head, and it just wouldn’t go away. So I embraced it, and began to type out my thoughts, which eventually turned into Bakerton, published in May 2019 by Pegasus Books.

The character Sheriff John Withers and his faithful minion, Deputy ‘Dawg’ Janowski, are now a permanent fixture in my head, and their second book, entitled Thurlow Junction, was published in August 2020.

I have started the third episode, Copper Ridge, but a sci-fi idea took hold of me in the meantime, so look out for A Confusion in Time in the future!

As well as writing and painting, I play chess online and board games with my wife Olive. I have also supported Burnley FC since February 1964, so you can see what an up and down life I have led!!!